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'Uzair makes lockdown so much fun!'

QAILAH CASSIEM, the wife of former Springbok No 8 Uzair, tells RugbyRocks.com about living in Wales.

Moving to Wales was hard at first as everything is done so differently here. But as we adapted to the change, it became the most amazing experience.

Gorseinon in Swansea is so beautiful and peaceful. I can imagine staying here if the opportunity arose.

As a family, we have been trying to stay as active as possible during the lockdown. We've taken lots of walks in the woods, gone swimming by a small waterfall and worked out in our lounge.

Our oldest son Zain Khan has decided he wants to create a YouTube channel; we are still getting there! 

Uzair has kept us laughing with silly jokes and magic tricks. He really is the best person to spend the lockdown with – he makes it so much fun! The vibe has been great. 

Uzair's recent RugbyRocks.com article made me quite emotional! It meant a lot to know that he acknowledges this journey has required a lot of sacrifices.

We have been able to build such a strong foundation for our relationship and created many beautiful memories together.

Uzair is the biggest pillar of strength and keeps this family unit together so well.

Our boys are the biggest blessings in our lives. Nothing makes me happier than knowing they and my husband are happy, looked after and safe.

While I love it here, I do miss home!

I miss being able to sit in my grandmother's kitchen and watch her cook. I miss having loud and hilarious conversations with my mother-in-law and her teaching me new food recipes.

I miss the amazing seafood, Gatsbys and home-cooked food made by someone other than myself!

I just miss us all being together.