Teammate Talk with Kings flyhalf Demetri Catrakilis

Who's the worst singer? Who's the best dresser? Who loves a selfie? asks DEMETRI CATRAKILIS about his Kings teammates.

Who's always late for training?
Howard Mnisi, we are always waiting for him!

Worst singer?
I've only heard Sbura Sithole sing his own track 'Chocolate'.

Worst dancer?
Yaw Penxe uses Beyoncé moves. Enough said.

Worst taste in music?
Erich Cronjé has bad taste in music but he makes up for it with his dance moves.

Best dresser?
Yaw knows how to put some good outfits together.

Who drives the nicest car?
I don't know which bakkie to pick because they all look the same.

Who's the class clown?
Bobby de Wee makes us laugh a lot, he always has something funny to show us or say.

Best shoe game?
Howard Mnisi spends too much money on shoes.

Who takes the most selfies?
Josh Allderman loves a selfie, especially with his girlfriend.

Who's always on his phone?
Everyone under the age of 25.

Funny moment involving a teammate?
Watching Sbura Sithole trying to order food in Italy.

If you weren't a rugby player what would you be?
I'd probably be single.

Interview by Savannah Connacher

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