Springbok Trophy Tour – East London & Port Elizabeth routes

2019-11-09T17:16:14+02:00November 8th, 2019|

The routes for the Springboks’ World Cup Trophy Tour in East London on Saturday and Port Elizabeth on Sunday have been finalised.

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The route plan for East London on Saturday (all times approximate):

  • 09:30: Parade starts at East London City Hall
  • Proceed along Oxford Street
  • Left into Park Avenue
  • Right onto the North West Expressway
  • Left into Douglas Smith Highway
  • Right into Windyridge Road
  • Right into Parkside Road
  • Right into Greenpoint Road
  • Left into Dunoon Road
  • Left onto Mdantsane Access Road
  • Right onto link road towards Woolwash Road
  • Left into Woolwash Road
  • Along Scenery Park Main Road
  • Left onto Mdantsane Access Road
  • Right into Masaule Road
  • Right towards Kakaza
  • Left into Billie Road
  • Along Spine Road
  • Left into Link Road
  • Right onto Voortrekker Road R102
  • Into Mayfair Avenue
  • Into Devereaux Avenue past Vincent Park Shopping Mall
  • Right into Old Transkei Road
  • Left into Galway Road
  • Right into John Bailie Road
  • Left into Link Road
  • End at Moore Street

The route plan for Port Elizabeth on Sunday (all times approximate):

  • 09:00: Depart from Garden Court Hotel to City Hall
  • Turn right into Happy Valley Drive into La Roche Drive
  • Turn right into La Roche Drive and proceed to Beach Road
  • Turn left into Beach Road and continue into Humewood Road
  • Continue along Humewood Road into South Union Road
  • Continue straight into Baakens Street
  • Turn right into Vuyisile Mini Square

From Vuyisile Mini Square to Wolfson Stadium

  • Turn right into Baakens Street and proceed to Govan Mbeki Avenue
  • Continue along Govan Mbeki Avenue, cross Russell Road and proceed along Govan Mbeki Avenue into Commercial Road
  • Continue along Commercial Road and turn right into Mati Road
  • Turn right into Mati Road and proceed to Ferguson Road
  • Turn right into Ferguson Road and proceed to Mendi Road
  • Turn left into Mendi Road and proceed to Ngesi Road
  • Turn right into Ntshekisa Road and proceed to Moduka Street
  • Turn left into Maqanda Street and proceed to Stofile Street
  • Turn left into Stofile Street and turn right into Wolfson Stadium main entrance

From Wolfson Stadium to Zwide

  • Depart from Wolfson Stadium and proceed to Stofile Street
  • Turn left into Stofile Street and proceed to Matomela Street
  • Turn left into Matomela Street and proceed to Seyisi Street
  • Continue along Seyisi Street and proceed to Daku Road
  • Turn left into Daku Road and proceed to Njoli Square
  • Turn right into Njoli Road and proceed to Spondo Road
  • Turn right into Koyana Road and proceed towards Ndzondelelo High School
  • U-turn at the traffic circle at Jamela Street

From Zwide to Mandela Peace Park (Motherwell)

  • From Jamela Street traffic circle proceed towards Qeqe Street
  • Turn left into Qeqe Street and proceed to Salamntu Street
  • Turn right into Salamntu Street and proceed to Daku Road
  • Turn left into Daku Road and proceed to Dibanisa Road
  • Turn left into Tyinira Road and proceed to Khozi Street
  • Turn right into Khozi Street and right into Mandela Peace Park in Khozi Street

From Mandela Peace Park to Uitenhage

  • Depart from Mandela Peace Park and proceed to Khozi Street
  • Turn left into Khozi Street and proceed to Tyinira Road
  • Turn right into Tyinira Road and proceed to M20
  • Turn left into M20 and proceed to Daniel Pienaar Road
  • Continue along Daniel Pienaar Road into Thorn Street to Graaff Reinett Road
  • Turn left into Graaff Reinett Road and proceed to Church Street
  • Continue along Church Street to Cannon Street
  • Turn left into Cannon Street and proceed to Prince Edward Road
  • Continue along Prince Edward Road to Caledon Street
  • Turn right into Caledon Street
  • Continue along Caledon Street into Kamesh Road
  • Continue along Kamesh Road into Acacia Avenue
  • Continue along Acacia Avenue into Rosedale Drive
  • Turn right into Rosedale Drive into Maduna Road
  • Continue along Maduna Road into Middle Street
  • Turn right into Middle Street into Caledon Street
  • Continue along Caledon Street into Cuyler Street
  • Turn right into Cuyler Street to Matanzima Road
  • Continue along Matanzima Road to Mabandla Street
  • Turn right into Mabandla Street and continue along Ponana Tini Road into Matanzima Road
  • Turn right into Matanzima Road into Melbrookes Avenue
  • Turn right into Melbrookes Avenue and cross Algoa Road into R333
  • Turn right into R333 towards Main Road Despatch
  • Turn right into Main Road Despatch into Botha Street towards Old Uitenhage Road

From Uitenhage to Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

  • From Old Uitenhage Road towards Nooidgedacht Road
  • Turn right into Nooidgedacht Road towards Standford Road
  • Turn left into Standford Road and proceed into Harrower Road towards Fettes Road
  • Turn left into Fettes Road and left into Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium

From Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium to Greenacres

  • From Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium into Fettes Road
  • Turn right into Fettes Road into Harrower Road towards Kempstone Road
  • Turn left into Kempstone Road and proceed into CJ Langenhoven Drive towards Greenacres Mall
  • Turn left into Ring Road pass the taxi rank
  • Turn left into Greyville Road into Cape Road
  • Turn right into Cape Road towards William Moffatt Express Way
  • Turn left into William Moffatt Express Way towards Buffelsfontein Road
  • Turn left into Buffelsfontein Road into Heugh Road
  • Turn right into 3rd Avenue towards PE International Airport
  • Turn right towards PE International Airport