Naas: Simple solution to Willemse’s goal-kicking issues

2020-02-12T08:06:11+02:00February 12th, 2020|

Former Springbok flyhalf Naas Botha has given Damian Willemse some goal-kicking advice.

The Stormers flyhalf kicked a penalty goal in their 13-0 win against the Bulls at Newlands last Saturday, but was unsuccessful with a conversion and two penalty goal attempts.

While the 21-year-old’s inconsistent goal-kicking performance didn’t prove costly, coach John Dobson said after the match it was something they needed to address.

Botha, who played 28 Tests between 1980 and 1992, analysed Willemse’s goal-kicking during SuperSport’s SuperRugby show on Monday night.

‘He drops too low [when lining up]. His hips are falling down – if you can say it like that – and as soon as the hips drop, then the foot can’t come through properly. His upper body just needs to be a bit higher, which will allow his hips to come inward.’

While watching footage of Willemse kicking against the Bulls, Botha added: ‘He falls completely, it’s almost like he’s falling over his left hip. If you fall with your hip, then your shoulders also fall over. And all that the right foot can do is follow the shoulders …

‘It’s the same in golf – if you step left, then you’ll hit the ball left, you’re not going to hit the ball right while stepping left. Biologically the body just doesn’t work like that.’

However, Botha is confident Willemse can correct the issue.

‘All he needs to do is simple – just remain nice and upright. He’s showed us in the past he can definitely kick, he’s one of the kickers who can kick really far – on the highveld he can easily kick it over from 50-60m.

‘He has that technique, but somewhere his [left] shoulder drops, with the hip bending, which means his [kicking] leg sways to the side and then he misses to the left.’