Maties' Miss Varsity Cup eager to make her mark

INGE ENGELBRECHT, who is doing her post-graduate certificate in education at Stellenbosch University, tells about being crowned as Maties' Miss Varsity Cup.

Why did you decide to enter Maties' Miss Varsity Cup?
I love investing my time in things that bring about change for the better. I know how important it is to have a support system, so I felt this platform would allow me to give that to those in need.

What are your duties as Maties' Miss Varsity Cup?
All the finalists worked with the SpeakUp campaign, which focuses on raising awareness around mental health issues. We also raised funds and collected sanitary pads for Stellenbosch Safe House. We will continue working together to empower women and raise awareness of mental health issues.

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What values and traits does a Miss Varsity Cup need?
I think a Miss Maties should be a confident, approachable, kind-hearted person who is comfortable embracing who she is. Miss Maties needs to be passionate and willing to help the community to create change and to see people flourish.

What's your favourite thing about the Varsity Cup?
I love the fact it brings people together! The excitement starts from the moment you put on your Varsity Cup shirt. When the rugby team jogs out onto the field you basically forget about everything. You take pride in where you study and truly feel united as a university.

Interview by Savannah Connacher– Look out for Part 2 of our interview with Inge on Thursday!