'Life's a Grind' (in a good way) for Bulls lock

Bulls lock ANDRIES FERREIRA tells about his newly established coffee-trailer business.

In 2014 when I played for Zebre in Italy, I realised I loved good coffee. I'm also a good cook and have always wanted to open a restaurant.

My wife Inette and I were at our children's swimming school (Kiddies Aqua Swimming Academy) and spoke about how nice it would be for us as parents to be sipping on some coffee while we waited for the kids to finish their swimming lessons. And that's how the whole idea of the 'Life's a Grind' coffee bar came about.

We know the owner of the swimming school quite well and spoke with him about opening the coffee trailer near his school, which he thought was a great idea.

Inette is actually the one who executed it to perfection. I'm the brain and she's the operation. She has done such an incredible job for us.

[caption id="attachment_17783" align="alignnone" width="400"]Andries Ferreira, Juandre Kruger Andries Ferreira and Juandré Kruger[/caption]

We did quite well during our first two and a half weeks of business until President Cyril Ramaphosa spoke about closing schools while addressing the nation just over a week ago.

We had to close down last Friday because people have to look after themselves and stay at home, which we understand and fully support.

We won't be doing any business for at least the next three weeks, or until the schools reopen.

But everything will go back to normal one day and we'll be there when it does.

As told to Lerato Mkhondo

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