Savannah Connacher

Leyds learning all about the digital world

Stormers utility back DILLYN LEYDS talks to about his studies.

When did you start studying?
I studied at UCT a few years ago but never finished, so my goal at the start of this year was to get back into it. When the opportunity to study digital marketing came about, with the help of MyPlayers [the South African players’ organisation] and Red and Yellow [Creative School of Business], I couldn’t pass it up.

Why did you want to study digital marketing?
As much as we don’t want to admit it, the world we live in is becoming completely digital. Parents no longer give their child a bottle of warm milk to stop them from crying, they pass them their tablet or phone. The sooner I can understand and have some knowledge of this, the better equipped I’ll be for the future. It’s something I really enjoy doing and would like to be involved in post-rugby.

Which part of digital marketing would you like to go into?
Digital copywriting.

How has the course been so far?
It’s been great. I’m almost at the finish line and have learned so much. It’s been tough at times but I’ve learned a lot about myself and time management. I’m handing in my big research project on 20 April and hoping to get great results!

How important is it for rugby players to study?
We are always told how quickly things can change in this game, so it’s really important that while we’re lucky enough to have people out there who want to help us to study that we do it. We are constantly taking care of our body, which is our primary job, but we must also look after the mind so we can stay sharp and connected to life outside of rugby.