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Kiwi lock in Italy lockdown: It's our new way of living

New Zealand-born Italy lock DEAN BUDD tells about his lockdown experience in Treviso.

My girlfriend Amelia and I are into week three of Italy's lockdown. We've been hit hard in Treviso, which is in the Veneto region, but not as hard as the Lombardy region, in which Milan is situated.

Lockdown has become our new way of living. We're staying in a second-floor, two-bedroom apartment, and it gets smaller and smaller by the day!

Fortunately, we have a grass area in our complex so we go down there with our dog and work out a bit.

During the first few days of the lockdown, I played a lot of PlayStation! Amelia is an avid artist so she painted a lot and is also into her books.

Now we've started to study real estate. My brother has always worked in that industry and we've spoken about working together after I've retired from rugby. It would be a natural pathway for me into the 'real world'. I'm not sure what my passions in the real world are, though, so this is a first step toward finding out.

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I'm trying to keep fit but am certainly not as fit as I was three weeks ago! My club, Benetton Treviso, opened the gym for us about a week and a half ago and we divided the equipment up among us players. I grabbed some dumbbells, a medicine ball and a couple of weight plates.

The club has given us some alternative training exercises using tables, chairs and other household items. They've been quite creative, which is great.

I've also been running up and down the stairs at our complex to get my heart rate up. But it's very challenging. It's not as natural as running onto the field with a rugby ball in hand to motivate you to run around.

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