Jesse Kriel’s fight back to fitness – Part 2: On my feet again


In the second instalment of a four-part series, Springbok centre JESSE KRIEL explains how he strengthened his ankle in the gym and started running again.

PART 1: Injury & operation

I was back in the gym three days after my operation, even though I was still wearing a cast.

I was so fortunate to have an amazing team to help me. They had already planned my whole rehab process.

My team consisted of Armandt de Wet, who did all my rehabilitation and high-performance training, and physio Kyle Meyer, who also did all my rehabilitation and got the rest of my body in prime condition. They worked closely together and I had a one-on-one session with each of them during the day.

Armandt formulated a programme that allowed me to maintain my fitness without having to run, which made life a lot easier when I did start running again.

I started working with him at 6am and then finished with Kyle at around 11am every day.

Then I’d go home to eat and sleep, before heading back to gym in the evening for more strength and conditioning sessions.

Watch the video below to see what exercises I did during my rehab: