Savannah Connacher

How Specmagic celebrated lockdown birthday

Bulls winger ROSKO SPECMAN had a great birthday despite being in lockdown.

On 28 April, I turned a sexy and fit 31!

There weren't any big birthday celebrations, besides an awesome home-cooked fried chicken dinner and a delicious cake.

I got to spend my birthday with the love of my life, Amber, which is all I needed because I am a homebody.

I would have only had a few more people celebrating with me if there hadn't been a lockdown but everything else would have been the same.

I got the most amazing gift from Amber – the new Nike Lebron VII sneakers. They are so dope, I literally wore them the entire day!

If not for the lockdown, I probably would have treated myself to a golf and spa day. I absolutely love golf!

My dream birthday present would definitely be a Jeep!

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