Guitar-playing Cheetahs fullback strikes right chord

Cheetahs fullback RHYNO SMITH played the guitar while Lynelle Kenned sang 'Spirit of the Great Heart' at the Players Choice Awards. He explains how he got into it and critiques his own performance!

A lot of people want to learn how to play the guitar but are not willing to put in the required time and effort. The guitar strings hurt your fingers in the beginning but you just have to push through the pain.

I learned to play the guitar in my matric year. I come from a very musical family - most of them can sing and those who can't, play a musical instrument.

I played drums when I was younger but then focused on sport. But my dad plays the guitar, so one day I asked him to teach me a few chords, which he did.

After I had learned a bit more, I started playing in church, which is a trial by fire! Often I didn't know what songs were being sung and had to try and figure it out.

I improved pretty quickly, though, despite never having proper lessons.

Five weeks ago, I was phoned by a lady at MyPlayers - the players' organisation - who knew I had played the guitar during my varsity days at Pukke. She asked if I would be willing to play at the Players Choice Awards, and I said yes.

The co-ordinator of the show then called me to explain who I would be performing with - singer Lynelle Kenned - and sent me a video clip, which I used to help me practice. Lynelle and I only rehearsed once together - the night before the awards.

I'm a type-A personality and quite tough on myself, so I wasn't too happy with my performance on the night. I made a few stupid mistakes. Most people didn't even realise it, but it bothered me. I made sure the clip I posted on social media only had one mistake!

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I am currently teaching my Cheetahs teammate Tapiwa Mafura how to play the guitar. He sings beautifully - yoh, he has such a good voice - so we often jam together. Dries Swanepoel has also asked me to help him a bit, so we will see how it goes!

Watch Smith play guitar below (video will start at song):