Ex-England centre loses loved one to coronavirus

Will Greenwood has paid tribute to his much-loved aunt, who passed away after suffering from the coronavirus.

Greenwood had previously mentioned in a newspaper column and on a podcast that 'Aunty Jean' had been sick.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, the 2003 World Cup-winning former England centre confirmed she had died on Saturday morning.

'Eldest of three sisters, Aunty Jean was in her 80s but had so much living to do,' the 47-year-old wrote.

'Aunty Jean never ever ever did anything but bring sunshine into my life.

'She lived near my boarding school and would pop in as often as she could to make sure I had Quavers, Pot Noodles, Parma Ham, a bit of cash, knowing how far from home I was.

'Aunty Jean lived in and around sport all her life and was so kind to everyone she met. Kindness, generosity of spirit, a giver of time.

'It has knocked all of us in the family.

'My cousin Claire has lost her mum who had so many more years to give.

'Aunty Jean never got to meet her newly born great-granddaughter.

'We will all miss you, Aunty Jean.

'Aunty Jean asked us not to cry with her final words.

'We love you so much.'