Lerato Mkhondo

Cheetahs lock loves cooking up a storm

Cheetahs lock SINTU MANJEZI has been challenging himself in the kitchen during the lockdown.

Just how good are you in the kitchen? 
It depends on who’s eating my food, but from what I’ve heard, I’m pretty good!

How much time do you spend in the kitchen? 
A lot! I make my own lunch, the way I prefer it, so I’m always in the kitchen. 

What's your favourite dish? 
The lamb stew my mother cooks for me when I’m home in East London. That’s unmatched! Then just standard meals that I normally cook, like chicken, sweetcorn and other vegetables. 

What cooking skills have you discovered during the lockdown? 
I recently made amagwinya [fat cakes] by myself, without my mom’s help, and they turned out quite well. 

What do you want to try next?
I’ve had challenges baking a cake. Being able to make amagwinya boosted my confidence, so I’m looking forward to baking a cake by myself.

What five dishes do you enjoy the most? 
My mom’s lamb stew, bolognese, umngqusho [samp and beans], dumplings and livers.