Boeboes in Japan – Part 3: I’m lucky to have my fiancée here

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ANDRIES ‘BOEBOES’ COETZEE and his fiancée Mart have been in Osaka, Japan, for just over a month. The Kintetsu Liners fullback explains how she keeps herself busy and what his average day is like.

It’s not always easy for a player’s partner to be overseas. While rugby keeps the player occupied, his partner often finds herself at home alone in a foreign city.

Fortunately, Mart and the other foreign players’ wives, who stay in the same housing complex as us, keep themselves busy.

If Mart is not with them, then she is cleaning the house – there are no domestic workers here – buying groceries or making food.

I’m very lucky to have her here, otherwise it would have been a real struggle for me to get everything done, considering the time I spend training.

The tough thing for us both is being away from our friends and family. You can’t just have a quick coffee with a mate.

My average day in Japan is as follows:

I go to the club at around 8:30am, as they like players to come in a bit earlier to do their own stretching. We then officially come together at 9am for a meeting.

Kintetsu Liners

Andries Coetzee at the Kintetsu Liners

The backs will then go to the field to do a unit session for an hour, which is followed by an hour gym session and then lunch at 12.

We meet up again at around 2:30pm or 3pm and then have an afternoon training session with the whole team.

During the break between lunch and the afternoon session, the players have to do their own analysis and stuff like that.

I’ve really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to the Top League season!

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