Blitzbok rates his rap performance out of 10

Blitzbok Chris Dry talks to about his rap performance at the 2019 Brightrock Players Choice Awards and the rap artists he listened to as a kid.

How did you get roped into rapping at the awards?
[Laughs] The organisers had tried to get me on stage for years, but I'd always had an excuse. When they asked me again this year, I had to say yes. It is an awards evening held by the players for the players so everyone has to do their bit. But I think I'm done with my stage work for a while!

How did you gain your rapping reputation?
Every week with the Blitzboks, usually after our last gym session on a Friday, the guys will ask me to come up with something on the spot. It helps create a bit of gees!

How do you rate your rapping performance at the awards?
I had a few words written down but didn't stick to them, which is OK because it was all about getting the audience to smile and laugh. It was fun but I don't know if I'll do it again - probably not! My teammates all gave me low scores for the performance because they've heard some of my best stuff. But while I wasn't too on-form, I think my performance was a 5/10!

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What rap artists did you listen to while growing up?
As a kid, I always liked Eminem and 50 Cent - the first CD I ever got was 50 Cent. I don't really follow specific rap artists these days - I tend to like all types of local music, from Afrikaans music to kwaito.

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