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20 Quick-fire questions for WP winger Sihle Njezula

Western Province wing SIHLE NJEZULA answers 20 quick-fire questions about himself.

If you weren't a rugby player what would you be?
An athlete. I used to do short-distance running. 

Dream place to go?
New York.

Worst habit?

Celebrity crush?
Pearl Thusi from Queen Sono on Netflix. 

If you were a superhero who would you be?

Your biggest fear?

Least favourite food?
I really love my food but probably mushrooms.

Go-to pizza topping?
We've been making a lot of pizza during the lockdown and trying out loads of toppings. But I love anything meaty, especially bacon.

Last song you listened to?
'Baby You Know' by Hailey Robinson and Trent. It's from Big Mommas 3.

If you could live somewhere else where would it be?
New Zealand.

What cartoon would you be?

Go-to McDonald's order?
Big Mac large meal!

Who would play you in a movie?
Denzel Washington.

What TV series would you love to make an appearance in?
Definitely Game of Thrones. I reckon I would've thrived in those days!

Favourite drink on a night out?

Dream car?
A G wagon.

What brand dominates your closet?

Go-to breakfast order?
A full English breakfast!

What football team do you support?
Manchester United, even though they haven't been doing too well recently.

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