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20 Quick-fire questions for Muller du Plessis

Blitzbok MULLER DU PLESSIS answers 20 quick-fire questions about himself. 

If you weren't a rugby player what would you be?
I have a passion for business and marketing, so something along those lines. 

Best school subject?
My favourite subject was history.

Your worst habit?
Spending too much time on social media. 

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Your biggest fear?
I choose faith over fear. 

One thing on your bucket list?
I want to go on holiday to the Alps in Europe. 

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?
Yogi Bear. 

Who would play you in a movie?
Tom Cruise. 

If you could live anywhere else where would it be?

What's one of your pet peeves?
People that don't use their indicators when driving. 

Who would you trade lives with for a day?
Usain Bolt, so I could experience an Olympic final!

Strangest thing you've ever eaten?

Your life-long dream?
To become the person God intended for me to be and to fulfil his purpose, not just my own.

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Go-to meal to cook on a date night?
A pasta dish. 

Pre-game breakfast?
Oats with cocoa, peanut butter and honey. 

Takeaway order?

Go-to midnight snack?
A healthy seed bar!

Pizza topping?
Parma ham, avocado, and feta with a balsamic glaze!

Least favourite food?
Stir fry. 

If you had one wish what would it be?
I would wish for a world where hate and suffering don't exist. 

A language you'd love to learn?

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