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Blitzbok passionate about the law

Blitzbok RYAN OOSTHUIZEN tells RugbyRocks.com about his law studies and the importance of getting an education while playing rugby.

I’m studying Bachelor of Laws at Unisa and currently in my third year, so I still have two years to go to finish my LLB degree.

Law intrigues me, especially how broad the field is.   

I always respected lawyers when I was younger and knew I wanted to be a legal practitioner after school.

Studying helps me to keep a healthy balance between my sporting life and my off-field life.

Rugby is only a part of your life and I struggled to think about anything else when I only played rugby.

By studying and playing I feel I found the balance between my professional life and life after rugby. I think about my studies and am forced to use my time to the best of my ability.  

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It's crucial for a rugby player to study, I can't emphasise it enough.   

Rugby is such a cruel sport; your career can end in the blink of an eye.   

Being prepared for life after rugby, at an early stage in your career, will help take the pressure off you and make you enjoy the sport even more.

To players who would like to study, find whatever interests you the most and focus on obtaining your degree while still playing. 

Use the contacts you make through the sport to further your studies and gain some practical work experience.

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